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Beat The Bloat Free Ebook

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re more tired than ever, your mood can’t make up its mind what it’s doing, and your body REALLY doesn’t want to wear your favourite clothes any more!

Want to know one of the biggest culprits? Your gut.

Because nobody taught women how to eat for their bodies.

So many great women are hurled into such a different version of themselves once they approach perimenopause that they need to relearn how to exist. The problem is – we’re so busy sorting everyone else out that we keep putting that vital step off until tomorrow.

Let me help you – it’s tomorrow now.

Ready to Beat The Bloat during Perimenopause and beyond?

Get your FREE ebook now where I share the top five tips on demystifying the brain fog and feeling fabulous in your own body again!

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Don't panic - this isn't one of those 'overhaul everything' books!

I’m not going to tell you that with just a few changes you’re going to be leaping out of bed and cartwheeling to your bathroom either. But what I can promise you is that you could start to feel a lot better very quickly with the 5 simple changes I share in this free book.

Before we go any further though - I just want you to stop and think about what happens when something is bloated.

It’s inflamed. It’s over-inflated. It’s sluggish as heck. So if I could help you feel less uncomfortable within your own body because we’re beating that bloat - what would that look like?

  • You’d not feel so restricted in your clothes - especially by the time you get to the evening
  • You’d not feel so irritated because your body is no longer managing internal inflammation and mood swings
  • You’d have more energy because your food choices are actually fuelling your needs

I created this book because every single day I see women virtually on their knees trying to soldier on, and the problem that I can help you solve - is understanding more about the impact of your nutrients.

It will take you about 30 minutes to read because I’m passionate about putting information that helps, into your hands, so you don’t have to use up valuable energy looking for it yourself.

Because let’s face it - if you had time to do that you would have right? So, you beautiful soul, let me be your own personal, award-winning nutritionist for a few chapters and give you five ways to find your way back to yourself.

This is my superpower - giving women their fire back through digestion that fuels them again!

These are the top five tips I give to my amazing clients, and I’m happily sharing them here with you too. By the end of this book, you’ll know…

  • How hormones meddle with our digestive process and vice versa
  • How our pace dictates the quality of our consumption
  • What stress actually does to our body and digestion
  • How a bit of culture leads to a happier gut
  • How hydration levels interact with our digestion

If I can help you quickly understand one or two new things about your peri or menopausal body that you’re able to implement today, I’ll be happy as this is what we all need as busy women.

And there’s a bonus too! Not only will you learn the core nutrition principles above, but I’ll share some of my top smoothie recipes too. Absolutely yummy recipes that will take a few minutes per day to make but will make hours and hours of difference to your week.

Would you like to know how to clean up your diet once and for all?

We all know that out of sight is out of mind. This book is the new lens for your food so that YOU and your health are back on the radar again.

Let's get your body and brain back for you shall we?

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