Men’s Health Month – Prostate

Here at Passion4Juice we have been working the Summer festival circuit for more than 10 years, both in the UK and Oz. It has been interesting watching the diverse range of men come and sample our delicious juices and smoothies. 10 years ago a man would wander into the dome and maybe order an orange juice? But now… men are happy to come in for a Life-Saver, a Go-Green-Go or a Passion-Potion¬©. How times have changed, where men are now more open to new and interesting flavours, tastes and juices…

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Health and Wellbeing

Here at Passion 4 Juice HQ we have been serving up a treat in our inflatable juice dome for over 10 years. Bringing wraps, delicious smoothies and of course our wonderful juices. But it has only been in the past few years men have embraced the concept of juicing and its benefits.

Ideas on How To Relieve Stress with Fruit and Vegetables

The vegetable of all vegetables for you men is the humble broccoli. It needs to be in your diet and should be at the top of your list when it comes to vegetables. It’s rich with of iron, calcium, fibre, and vitamin C, meaning it’s good for the circulatory system, bones, and fighting against colds. Look at getting porridge back into your morning routine. There’s nothing better than a steaming bowl of porridge to spike your energy levels and provide you with hours of fuel. Oats are filled with stress-fighting and immunity-boosting zinc. Check out our recipe book for the Passion 4 Juice Breakfast Smoothie¬©.

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