Gut Health Packages

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Let’s get you started on the journey to better digestion, more energy and balanced mood. 

Together we will map out a protocol with a personalised nutrition plan. This will include nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. You will receive clear steps and a protocol to help you move in the right direction. 

Packages include stool tests, interpretation and 1 to 1 consultations.

Gut bacteria plays a fundamental role in health and disease and gaining an insight into your unique profile will help us to make targeted changes to recreate balance.

If you’re ready to:

  • Restore your gut health and boost your immune system
  • Become the master of your unique healthy blueprint
  • Figure out which foods fuel your body and which foods wreak havoc on your body
  • Nourish your body with whole, seasonal foods and push out the pesky toxins that have left you with extra pounds and cellulite
  • Combat fatigue and access a completely natural source of energy you haven’t experienced since you were a child
  • Eliminate food allergies that you probably don’t even know you suffer from
  • Feel alive again and ready to take on the world
Beat The Belly Bloat 3 week programme

Three weeks of support, meal plans and checklists to help sooth your bloating. 

DIY Gut Healing Hormone Balancing Reset

Restore your gut health and boost your immune system. This includes 8 weeks of meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. 

Time To Nourish Comprehensive Gut Healing Programme

This package includes a comprehensive microbiome test, written report of results and 4 consultations, meal plans, shopping lists and lifestyle support. 

Aromatherapy Blends To Sooth Your Gut

Bespoke essential oils blends to sooth bloating and gas. 

from £15

Functional Nutrition Tests

Juice Cleanses

1 to 1 Coaching Packages

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