Easy Ways To Improve Your Appearance During Menopause

Ladies, we want to look our best during the Menopause. After all, it can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. Dieting and exercising are important in the transition to menopause but so is your gut health.

As effective as these are, they aren’t the only ways to improve your appearance. You also wouldn’t need to do something as drastic as cosmetic surgery. Instead, you could implement a few changes into your daily routine to help balance your hormones and improve your digestion. 

As minor as these may seem, they can have a much larger impact on your appearance than you’d think. Combining them together will maximize this impact.

I know you are here to improve digestion, beat belly bloat and perhaps lose some weight.
Here are my top 7 tips to get you started. Sometimes it is the simple things that will make a massive difference.
Do you do these already?
 Drinking plenty of water?
 Taking little breaks during the day?
 Deep breathing before your meal?
 Chewing well?
 Veggies for breakfast?
 Diversity on your plate?

How To Look Better During Menopause

Take Care Of Your Mouth and Oral Microbiome

Your smile is one of the first things that many people notice when they see you. While it mightn’t be something they focus on, it can drastically affect how you look. You’ll need to look after it. The easiest way of doing so is by brushing regularly.

You might need to have certain things done, however. These can range from teeth whitening to a root canal treatment. It’s recommended that you get these done as early as possible. Alongside helping to improve your smile, most treatments focus on preventing future issues.

Oil pulling is a gentle technique for improving the microbiome in the mouth. It can be done with olive sesame or coconut oil. Put one dessert spoon of oil in the mouth and swish around for two minutes. Add either two drops of peppermint or two drops of tea tree oil to help improve the texture and the coating on the tongue. Followed by tongue scraping this technique helps remove bacteria from the mouth. You can watch some techniques here. 

Take Care Of Your Personal Hygiene

While personal hygiene is an obvious thing to focus on, it may be something that many people overlook. There are quite a few aspects involved in this, with brushing your teeth being notable.

Showering or bathing several times a week is also mandatory. Getting a skincare routine by adding in extra nutrients in your diet will help you navigate a smooth menopause. 

Make Sure To Stay Hydrated

Few people think of how hydration can affect how they look. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll look so. The more dehydrated you are, the more it will affect your appearance. Typically, it’ll make you look worn out and tired, which you should want to avoid.

There are other ways that dehydration can affect your body. These will go farther beyond how you look, as it can affect energy levels, how well your body operates, and much more. Keeping well-hydrated will be essential for avoiding all of this.

The fact that it can help you improve your appearance is a nice benefit on top of this.

Wrapping Up

As much as each of the above can improve your appearance during menopause, they’re no replacement for looking after yourself physically and mentally. Proper dieting and exercising are recommende. Adding some other methods on top of this will help support hormones and improve diegstion. 

Make time to exercise regularly. These tips can be helpful in maintaining an attractive appearance during your transition to menopause. If you would like further support for your menopause journey book a free half hour call here to see how I can help. 

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