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Liver cleanse

The two most profound techniques for supporting your liver cleanse.


Castor oil packing and enemas are techniques that have been around for thousands of years.

These are ancient techniques and date back to 1550 BC and Hippocrates was noted to advocate some of these techniques since 500BC.

Techniques for comfort

Without these techniques, the healing journey can be uncomfortable and can come with many unwanted symptoms of discomfort.

These techniques are designed to support the movement of toxins out of the cell and continue the journey out of the body via the lymph and the blood.

Toxins will flow out of the cells and into the lymph and blood. All the blood travels via the liver every three minutes so supporting the liver as you detox is so important.

Bowel support

The exit route via the main route of elimination is vital.

The bowels need to be supported and open rather than congested.

This is why these advanced techniques are vital.

With the support of these techniques the process of elimination can be manageable, comforting, empowering, and energizing.

You will be more open to embracing the techniques when you know how powerful they are and why they fast track your results.

You will love this easy technique – Castor oil packing.

Castor oil packs are an easy and efficient way to support your liver and remove toxins from the body.

Rub castor oil on your stomach, the right side of your liver and upper abdomen.

Soak a muslin cloth or old flannel in the castor oil and then apply over the liver, lower right-hand side of the rib cage.

You can lay a hot water bottle or a heating pad on the top of the pack and relax as you release toxins for about 45 minutes.

Home Enemas – a profound technique for liver support

When we support the liver, we support balanced hormones. 

This is a great technique if you suffer headaches, migraines, fluid retention, joint pain and bloating.  It seems the perfect technique to ease your way to a healthier liver.

Many of my clients feel uncomfortable at the thought of doing home enemas. I understand the reaction. But when you can understand how powerful and beneficial, they are you might feel differently.

Enemas are a great aid to detoxification as they are rehydrating and emotionally reassuring, comforting and can speed up the removal of toxins via the bowel.

This has a brilliant effect to decongest the liver. 

It is like cleaning out a dirty dish cloth and giving it a good squeeze.

There are different types of enemas for different ailments.  A water flush enema is beneficial for hydration. Retention enemas can include organic coffee, linseed tea, chamomile tea or wheatgrass.   This technique follows a water flush, and the liquid can be retained for 20 minutes.

They are soothing and supportive to balance the emotions.

Coffee enemas were made popular by Max Gerson but there have been recordings dated back from early Egypt times.

Coffee enemas lower toxins in the liver by activating glutathione and combining free radicals to be released by the gall bladder.

The coffee enema causes dilation of the bile ducts, facilitating the release of toxins. It is like giving the liver a good squeeze to dump toxins.

The enema is retained for 15 minutes. All the blood in the body passes via the liver every three minutes, so the coffee enema overrides the liver and acts like a dialysis of the huge network of blood around the bowel.

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