Juicing Gets Results, Boosts The Immune System And Aids Digestion

While providing healthy catering at festivals, people often ask about the health benefits of juicing. Juicing is a great way to support your immune system, improve digestion and help with losing weight.

Immune System Benefits

Fresh pressed juice energizes the body and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Fresh pressed juice builds up the immune system and can slow the aging process. Vegetable and leafy green based juices provide unbeatable nutrition. When making fresh pressed juice at home no list of ingredients is required. Juice is easy to drink and it tastes great.

Juicing fruit and vegetables provides a fast way to absorb nutrients, leaving energy reserves for deeper cleansing, repairing and healing cells. Fresh pressed juice contains specific vitamins and minerals that are natural and easy to absorb. Fresh pressed juices also contain phytochemicals – a substance linked to good health and is only found in plants, fruits and vegetables. They are a good source of non-meat Protein especially smoothies with seeds, wheat germ or whole grains.

Juicing Benefits Digestion

The body quickly absorbs juice. Juice requires less digestive work so saves your body energy and helps maintain your supply of digestive enzymes. Fresh pressed juice contains healthy sugars that are simple and unrefined. Fresh pressed juice is a complete package – natural sugars, enzymes, nutrients, vitamins.

Juicing Benefits weight loss

Juicing helps to mobilise fat and encourage fat to exit the body via the main route of elimination – the bowels. Juice is a superb detoxifier, excellent for a healthy liver and digestive tract, aids kidney function and helps kill bacteria. Drinking fresh pressed juice daily will lower blood cholesterol and stimulate fat cells. It will also sustain blood sugars, reduce cravings and boost energy.

Juicing Benefits Disease Prevention

A significant health benefit is using juicing for disease prevention. Fresh pressed juice contains enzymes, vital for health and well-being. Enzymes help us breakdown food and spark the essential chemical reactions we need to live including food digestion, stimulating the brain, cellular energy and tissue repair. Enzymes are only found in RAW food.

Juicing Benefits Detoxification

Not only does juicing provide us with that all essential, quick off the mark boost, but it supplies us with a wealth of crucial nutrients & eliminates harmful toxins. A fantastic way to Detox and feel great!

What is it that makes fresh pressed juice the answer for increased and sustainable energy levels? The secret is in its ‘living’ component. Raw fruit & veg are packed with ‘living’ enzymes that assist with digestion. If digestive enzymes are being replenished by these additional enzymes, the body will spend less energy on digestion and have more energy for repairing cells. Unfortunately, bottled and canned fresh juices don’t contain this living constituent due to the pasteurisation process. Pasteurisation kills these enzymes, this means less expendable energy.

Not only does juicing maintain this ‘living’ element, but it extracts the vital minerals and makes them easier for the body to absorb. This means the full health package: vitamins; minerals; natural sugars; and enzymes, in an easy to soak up form. Juiced fruit & veg takes a mere 15 minutes to digest, so the energy boost is almost instantaneous.

That’s energy on tap!

If you are planning an event, party, festival or retreat, consider hiring a mobile juice bar like Passion 4 Juice. While the summer calendar is filling up fast, there are still some time – get in touch with Trish at trish@passion4juice.com Trish Tucker-May is an expert in nutrition and healthy catering at events.

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