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Here at Passion4Juice we have been working the Summer festival circuit for more than 10 years, both in the UK and Oz. It has been interesting watching the diverse range of men come and sample our delicious juices and smoothies. 10 years ago a man would wander into the dome and maybe order an orange juice? But now… men are happy to come in for a Life-Saver, a Go-Green-Go or a Passion-Potion©. How times have changed, where men are now more open to new and interesting flavours, tastes and juices…

Dealing with Prostate Issues

Testicular Cancer/Prostate Cancer

There have been a number of studies on the humble tomato…

Men who have the most tomatoes and tomato-based products in their diet are less likely to develop prostate problems rather than men who rarely eat them. It helps to reduce ischemic strokes in men and brings a happier heart.

A classic Virgin Bloody Mary is amazing at helping to cure a hangover and the humble tomato is also that rare food that’s more nutritious when cooked than when eaten raw. So a glass of tomato juice a day may be quite beneficial!

Passion4Juice Our Bloody Mary©

  • 4 Fresh tomatoes juiced
  • Half a lime
  • Half an orange
  • Fresh pressed/ juiced whole chilli
  • 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Juice, blend and serve

Diet is important for men’s health!

In recent years, evidence has indicated that diet might be an important way for men to control and/or help avoid prostate cancer. Taking an active role in determining their disease and helping to outcome and regain their health. Research on advanced prostate cancer has suggested that your fat intake may be relevant to disease progression. Men with prostate cancer may significantly improve their survival chances with a simple change in their diet, less dairy and fat.

Juicing and smoothies are a quick and easy way in which to get the nutrients you need to boost your immune system, fight illness and release energy. Men forget that juicing isn’t just for women. You boys need a good nutritious diet too. Did you know that men are four times less likely to head to the doctors, so it is important to keep an eye on your diet. Look at bringing variety, flavour and colour in food. Plus if you are busy take a smoothie to work with a supplement added.

Slight changes in your diet like removing animal fats and reducung your carbohydrate intake, can really benefit your health. Look at changing to olive oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil. Bring nuts, seeds and avocado into your weekly diet. You can seriously reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and strokes if you tweek and make a few changes.

A lot of men experience prostate enlargement as they grow older, which can cause bladder and urination and prostate cancer An enlarged prostate can apply pressure to the urethra which can block the natural flow of urine. This often shows itself as a weak urine stream or an inability to urinate altogether. Men can also experience incontinence and painful urination. However, less than half of men diagnosed with BPH show these symptoms, which is why men of all ages are encouraged to take care of their prostates. Moreover, using herbal remedies can help you take care of your prostate, starting from a young age. BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. An enlarged prostate gland is not cancerous and does not raise your risk of prostate cancer. Eating a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, can help manage your symptoms. Some vegetables and fruits provide particularly helpful benefits. For severe or long-lasting symptoms, seek guidance from your doctor.

Five useful ingredients to help combat the prostate issues:

  • Pumpkin seeds – eat raw
  • Sweet Corn Silk – make tea
  • Omega-3 – fresh fish
  • Stinging Nettles – make tea
  • Lots of fresh water – at least 8 glasses a day
  • Saw palmetto (which is a plant) with stinging nettle root and green tea may be helpful for prostate health.

Also pomegranate, broccoli and turmeric!

P4J Prostate Juice©

  • 1 pomegranate de-seeded
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Handful of fresh or frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 teaspoom of tumeric
  • Blend and serve

If you would like more recipes, have recipes you wish to share and or ideas to combat mens health then please email us here at Passion4Juice.


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