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Menopause Nutritionist Gloucestershire

My Natural Menopause Journey

The menopause is a profound transition for women on all levels & heralds a shift into what is the most meaningful & empowered phase of your life. It can be the beginning of a deeper psycho-spiritual process at work.

Whether you are preparing for the menopause, are in the midst of it or you are post-menopausal, this information is relevant for you & will be insightful & nourishing. Aimed to restore trust in your own inner knowing & inspire you onwards to live your most fulfilled life.

Understand your symptoms and learn techniques to reduce and manage your symptoms naturally. As women reach the menopause phase of life there can be many unwanted symptoms. Are feeling sluggish, tired, frazzled, accidentally overweight and bloated?

Join me on You Tube to learn practical steps to reduce your symptoms. Get that good gut feeling back by working with a nutritionist in Gloucester. The aim is to help you feel better about yourself, feel more connected, energised, grounded and calm.

Learn about the foods and natural techniques that will reduce your physical symptoms.

Feel supported and connected to your body wisdom and the deep process of purification. Peel back the layers on physical and emotional healing and learn to create an environment for transformation and healing. Learn to eat for happy hormones and happy digestive health.

Learn about natural alternatives to HRT and other hormone balancing medications. Learn to connect to and support your symptoms naturally.

How would you like to wake up and approach your day with energy and maintain it throughout the day? Tackling brain fog, hot flushes and anxiety during menopause. Are you ready to transform your health and vitality during menopause so you can do the things you love and enjoy?

The goal of the menopause series is simple: To learn how to listen to your body and reclaim your sense of self during peri menopause, menopause and post.

This will help you with weight loss, energy and healthy living.

What you will learn in the Thriving gut health Facebook Group, and You tube Channel

• How to maintain a natural menopause and beyond.

• What is Peri menopause and coping strategies using diet and exercise.

• How your food and lifestyle choices affect your energy levels and your gut health.

• How to address gut imbalances to support your natural menopause and hormones.

• How you can choose and prepare the right foods, so you have all the energy and vitality to enjoy life and do the things you want to do.

• Discover the power of healing juices that you will absolutely love and transform your life.

• How to identify the good and bad when it comes to food and how to consistently make good choices that will support your gut and hormone balance.

• The key ingredients of healing foods and how to effortlessly incorporate them into your diet.

• Practical self-care rituals that you can incorporate into your life immediately.

• Learn how to replace your medicine cabinet with natural alternatives.

•Learn how the power of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils can support you and your family.

I am nutritionist and gut specialist based in Gloucester, Stroud and the Cotswolds. 

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