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Hi my name is Trish and I run a mobile juice business called Passion 4 Juice. Along with being a a Gold Award Thermomix demonstrator and mother of two lovely boys. We travel throughout the UK and Australia enjoying enless summers. At Passion 4 Juice we adore helping festivals feel better by providing them with our delicious, nutricious juices and smoothies,enery shots and BOOSTS.

I am in my fourth year of studying nutrition and even though I have had a keen interest in healing with the power of food since a teenager, Juicing has been my passion of mine since my Mum gave me a juicer for my 14th Birthday, together with a book called the Uses of Juices which I LOVE and still refer to regularly. My aim is to help people, with the power of juicing have more energy and create a healthier lifestyle free from pain and disease. I have experienced the first hand benefits of good nutrition such as more energy; increased tolerance of stress; balanced moods; and stable blood sugar. I suffered allergies and asthma for my whole life. So when I was 14 wrote a diary of my diet to help improve my asthma. My asthma medication was just part of my life. I had bronchial problems all my life. Puffers, anti-histamines and carrying round an Epipen full of adrenalin were just part of my life dependant on drugs to control my allergies. At 14 I realised my love for juicing and sharing my health tips with others was into turning a passion of mine. I began with combinations like carrot and apple, I gradually progressing to more extraordinary and unusual taste sensations. Now I love anything with ginger and a dash turmeric.

My dream of starting a pop up mobile juice bar was to come true in the summer of 1997 in Melbourne. I had the equipment, the cups, the brand, the tables, you name it. I was registered as a buyer at the fruit markets and was scheduled to buy my fruit and veg on the morning of St Valentine’s Day 1997 – I was going to launch with love potion number nine! Picture this….It was a Friday night – the very night before I was going to launch and I got a phone call from Gail Donovan. She ran the Michelin star Donovan’s restaurant on the beach front in St Kilda – it was a pop up kiosk that I was creating on the deck of her restaurant on the beach the following morning. She called me and said they had just had a management meeting and they agreed that they didn’t want me to launch as scheduled. Her exact words were – ‘we think you are too naïve to run your own business – you haven’t even sorted your insurance’ …………………….what a blow! I almost gave up – well I sort of did give up for a couple of years but my dream never really went away. Ironically I then got head hunted from my job in marketing to work for an insurance company. 2 years later I was offered a promotion to work in Sydney. While in Sydney a friend and I decided to do a little juice bar at some local summer festivals – it made sense as I had all the equipment and a garage full of cups. The 2 festivals we did were a huge success. So was my corporate job and I took another promotion to work in a global role that was based in Cheltenham in the UK. I was promised word travel, a brand new Mercedes hard top convertible and a great salary. Soon after I arrived in the UK there was a major restructure in the financial services industry and the remit of the job changed. I had to travel that is for sure! Driving 500 miles a week on the UK motorways.

People were being made redundant and I had gone from an office overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge to an open plan IT factory overlooking the Swindon railway station. Travel sure, fast car, great salary – but absolutely no life as I was working crazy hours. In May 2003 I finally had the courage to leave the corporate job and traded the fast car for a mobile juice bar. My first festival was Glastonbury. That year was full of hick ups and setbacks – I did everything – balloon festivals in bad weather with no balloons, truck fest, steam rallies. You name it. Then I found my niche. I totally redesigned my life to live my passion and I designed my business around the things I loved – travel, the great outdoors, inspiring people to be healthy through juice. Soon I had a circuit that included the Adelaide Fringe Festival off the back of the Edinburgh Festival. This also meant I got to go home and see my friends and family plus escape the UK winter. I had created a life that other people might only dream about. Soon after I started my business Joe and I got married – he is a professional clown and his mum is Australian so we had both passports. Joe was a teacher and soon after we met he was leaving teaching to return to physical theatre and clowning. This was definitely an inspiration to me. We both redesigned our lives to incorporate travelling to Australia each year and with both passports this was easy.

But within the first year of starting my business I started to get really sick. My health goals needed more focus. My allergies were getting worse. I peaked at 12 anaphylactic episodes in one year. I was more dependent on my asthma puffers, I was stressed and was getting very bad headaches. had to do something and I came across a nutritionist and through kinesiology. Her name: Hillary Newman. She diagnosed me with a high candida count, a hook worm, limes disease and parasites. I was put on a very strict diet that included very few food groups no fruit, no sugar, no grains. We had to starve the parasites and get rid of the hook worm that was creating breathlessness. Hillary said I would have been born with this – it was passed down from my mum.

The philosophy of nutritional healing says that it takes at least 3 generations to get to the level of toxicity and this made sense to me. I did several ghastly treatments including cysteine tablets with salt and yogurt, wormwood tinctures and lots more. But over a period of 6 weeks I was cured of candida and asthma. My headaches were gone and I no longer wanted to jump out of a moving vehicle. I go and see Hillary most years for a general service – just like my car. Hillary zaps parasites as you hold a copper rod while an electronic frequency travels through the rod. It is pretty freaky but it really works.

I am delighted to say that we now have two handsome boys and after the birth of my second son, I went on a juice fast and decided to enrol in a Diploma in Nutritional Healing. I love to share my own lessons, juicing for health tips and knowledge through Passion 4 Juice. We are growing each year, bringing smiles with our spikey juice dome both in the UK and Australia. Plus you will never be short of juice recipe idea with my Passion 4 Juice Recipe Book – packed with 30 of our most popular recipes.

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