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Proven Benefits of Juicing Including Weight Loss and Energy

Having juiced almost daily for the last 35 years, I know the benefits of drinking fresh pressed juice. I love it so much that I now hire out mobile juice bars and provide healthy catering at festivals in the UK and Australia. Juicing is great because it has been proven that drinking juices regularly greatly improves your general health and well-being. Juice can aid restoration, rejuvenation and detoxification and, better still, there is no evidence to suggest you can drink too much juice!

There are many health benefits to juicing and by incorporating fresh pressed juices into your daily regime it can help relieve stress by flooding your body with nutrient dense fruit and vegetables. Your body will be running on fuel that it can use immediately rather than running on borrowed energy from caffeine or sugar.

Juicing & Energy – The Best Benefit Of All

Invigorate your cells, stimulate your senses, and tickle your taste buds with a fresh pressed juice.

Why not kick-start each day with a taste sensation that’ll invigorate, uplift and rejuvenate. With on-the-move lifestyles and chaotic schedules, it’s difficult to take time out for a meal that provides sufficient energy and nutrients to sustain a balanced and healthy way of life. Quick refreshments such as fresh pressed juice are rich in vital nutrients designed to boost energy.

Fresh Pressed Juice is it. If it’s a tangy wake –up call, a smooth pacifier or a zesty jump start, a personalised fresh juice will do the trick. From refreshing ruby grapefruit & tangy lime concoctions to subdued strawberry smoothies & passion fruit quenchers. Customise your daily juice and satisfy those taste buds!

Immune System Benefits

Fresh pressed juice energizes the body and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Fresh pressed juice builds up the immune system and can slow the aging process. Vegetable and leafy green based juices provide unbeatable nutrition. When making fresh pressed juice at home no list of ingredients is required. Juice is easy to drink and it tastes great.

Juicing fruit and vegetables provides a fast way to absorb nutrients, leaving energy reserves for deeper cleansing, repairing and healing cells. Fresh pressed juice contains specific vitamins and minerals that are natural and easy to absorb. Fresh pressed juices also contain phytochemicals – a substance linked to good health and is only found in plants, fruits and vegetables. They are a good source of non-meat Protein especially smoothies with seeds, wheat germ or whole grains.

I have recently written more about the benefits of juicing for Total Wellness Website. You can read the full article here.

Trish Tucker-May is an expert in nutrition and healthy catering at events. If you would like a mobile juice bar for your next event, conference, retreat, party or festival, please get in touch.