Remember: Juicing can be Harmful


Packed with vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidents and of course renowned to be extremely healthy for you. Full to the brim with nutrition and goodness we gulp down these delicious, nutritious juices.

BUT Juicing can be bad for you!

A word of warning about juices and smoothies!

Yesterday I watched a video from MotherNaturesDiet talking about juices and smoothies. It reminded me that you need to be cautious and not to over do it.

So here is a word of warning! Slow it down and chew your juice or smoothie. It IS food remember! Consider what juicing does… juicing removes some fibres so your body can absorb it more quickly, this could lead to a massive boost in blood sugar levels rather than a more slow release of energy with whole fruit and vegetables. Think of your juice as a good wine, consume a little at a time, don’t gulp it down. If you are just having fruits in your juice or smoothie your blood sugar will peak and if you are not extremely active then this sugar will be stored as fat! I also chew my juice. I think this is really important, it is food so chew it slowly and drink it slowly. I see so many people scull/gulp their juice like the old boat race beer drinking contest. Chill…Slow it down…. chew… enjoy….just like food.

I have been juicing for 31 years and am one of the people Karl referred to who does this for a living with @passion4juice©. I have just had 23 summers in a row making juice at festivals in the UK and Australia.

I truly believe my energy and health is due to optimum nutrients I get through juicing combined with whole real food. I have a single ingredient pantry and don’t eat processed anything.

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