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Top Tips For Achieving Your Best Smile

Achieving your best smile is possible. Your best smile is one that you feel your most comfortable and confident in. Whether you lack confidence in your smile or simply want to achieve a better, brighter, and happier smile, then follow this guide.  Your oral microbiome is directly linked to your gut health.  It is important to look after the good bacteria in your mouth and crowd out the unwanted bacteria. 

Oil pulling is a gentle technique for improving the microbiome in the mouth. It can be done with olive sesame or coconut oil. Put one dessert spoon of oil in the mouth and swish around for two minutes. Add either two drops of peppermint or two drops of tea tree oil to help improve the texture and the coating on the tongue. Followed by tongue scraping this technique helps remove bacteria from the mouth.

Consider dental work

If you lack confidence in your smile due to dental issues, then you might want to consider dental work. Dental work will help you achieve your best smile and return your teeth to their best condition. 

For example, you can get permanent porcelain veneers that will help you achieve a straight, bright, and confident smile. These will last years if you take good care of them so you will be able to maintain your best smile for as long as possible. 

Maintain a good diet

What you eat will affect your teeth. If you like to consume a lot of sugary foods, then you might want to consider cutting your consumption down or out completely. 

A good diet is one that involves a lot of healthy fats and proteins. For instance, eating a lot of leafy greens, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, and nuts, is one that can help you achieve good health in general and will help you attain the best oral health. 

If you are someone who likes to snack on sweets and biscuits, then you might want to consider changing these for healthy snacks such as natural-occurring sugar in fruit, nuts, and vegetable sticks. If you are struggling with cravings, get in touch so I can guide you with ways to combat cravings. 

Smile more in the mirror

Boost your confidence will help you show off your best smile. The more confident you are in your smile, the brighter your smile will appear. A smile is the best facial expression anyone can wear. A smile can brighten up your whole face and make you seem more friendly. 

If you don’t smile often, then you should practice smiling more in the mirror. You will see how much friendlier and happier you look with a smile on your face and it will encourage you to do it more. 

Have good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene will help you combat dental issues and achieve a brighter and whiter smile. 

Your oral hygiene routine should involve oil pulling, tongue scraping and plenty of brushing.