How Can I Control My Blood Sugar Over 40? Recorded Masterclass


Balancing your blood sugar is important for women over 40. In this 1 hour masterclass we will explore ways to beat cravings, feel nourished without missing your favourite foods.


How Can I Control My Blood Sugar at Age 40 RECORDED Masterclass… 🌟

Join me, Trish Tucker May, your nutritionist and gut health expert for women 40+, for an hour of knowledge and empowerment!  Learn WHY it’s crucial to balance your blood sugar and unlock the phenomenal benefits that await you.

When you implement my practical steps, you’ll notice a huge improvement in:

🍭 Pesky cravings
😣 Mood swings and sugar crashes
🧠 Brain fog lifting
🏋️‍♂️ Weight loss and maintaining it

…to name just a few.

So grab a cuppa and a notebook and get ready for this information to change your life…seriously!

Then head over to my FREE online support community where you can ask me any questions that you may have from watching the masterclass.

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