Organic Protein Powder with Beta G for Weight loss



Organic Protein Beta G

Uncovering the Link: How High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hormonal Changes Can Affect Women Over 40

Great news for anyone struggling with high cholesterol or blood sugar problems such as type 2 diabetes.
Announcing the release of a new product that is BIG news!
Normally I see a high beta glucan product or a high protein product, not both in a 40g serving.
To achieve high beta glucans, high fibre and high protein all in one serving, we have searched the globe for very specialised organic ingredients for us to use in very precise amounts, literally making the impossible possible.
As both high fibre and high protein make people feel fuller for longer, with the protein also activating the fat burning hormone, this is a sensational product for weight management.
It will be your very best friend for weight loss.
When taken with or around meals, it will slow release, making it a dream for pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetic.
This has well over the serving size of beta glucans to reduce bad cholesterol, helping reduce the risk of heart disease, is phenomenal in itself.
The high fibre helps us increase dietary fibre which reduces the risk of colon cancer and other health issues.
This product is an organic wholefood powerhouse.
The slow release effect of this product helps maintain a stable blood sugar and reduce inflammation.
Can you imagine how many people this product will help? Beta G is remarkable