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If you are feeling anxious, sluggish, frazzled and tired you are in the right place. I can help you get to the root cause of your symptoms. If you are over 40 and thinking about your journey from peri-menopause into the menopause and you are sick of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, keep reading.

I will help you get your confidence and energy back. I will guide you on what to eat, how to move, and many techniques to support your menopause journey.

Get back to feeling happy, calm and full of energy.

If you are ready to start this journey with full support from a nutrition and gut expert, dive straight in and get access right away. This will include the hormone tests, guided meal plans, targeted supplements and private consultations.

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You will get your sparkle back. You will be guided at each step to nourish, cleanse, restore and re-balance your hormones.

Feel alive again! Be ready to embrace the menopause.

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Beat the belly bloat, digest better, sleep better and have more energy.

Read amy’s story back to connection and happiness. Amy was tired and fed-up.

Amy came to me because she was feeling tired and fed up with her life. She complained of constant back pain and was struggling with what to eat. She expressed anger about her life and her work. She felt confused and was worried that life is passing her by. She felt time was running out. She was feeling too tired to do everything she wanted to in the day and by the weekend she was so exhausted she barely had energy for chores.

Amy was perimenopausal. Her periods were heavy and her cycle was inconsistent. She struggled with night sweats, irritability, bloating and constipation. Amy talked about being scared. Amy spoke about being in survival mode. She also complained of aching feet, knees and sciatica. Amy relied heavily on coffee to get her through the day.

The first step for amy was testing her hormones, thyroid and stools to identify any underlying cause of her problems. She began a food, mood, booze diary and documented her bowels movements so we could track progress. She reflected how she was feeling each day. Amy also recorded how well she was sleeping and what time of night she was waking up. Her blood and urine tests revealed magnesium and iron deficiency. Her stool test was also very revealing and helped us get to the root cause of her symptoms.

Amy was supported while she reduced caffeine and stress. She replaced coffee with green tea and fresh pressed vegetable juices. Amy started juicing and eating more vegetables, protein and good fats early in the day. She began preparing colourful salads for lunch, with a greater focus on leafy green salads, root vegetables, protein and fat with every meal. She included red cabbage fermented sauerkraut and berries soaked in kombucha. She replaced wine with a red juice with beetroot and carrot after her evening meal.

Amy focused on gentle daily exercise to support her progress. Together we created a plan to help her balance hormones and improve her gut health. Within weeks amy felt like a new woman. Read about more success stories on the testimonial page.

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