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Christmas and New Year Detox Plan

Thinking of Detoxing in between Christmas and New Year?

It’s Christmas time and theres no need to be afraid… Coz at Christmas time, everyone overindulges on chocolate, champagne and turkey. Festive spirit takes hold and we just cant say no to that last mince pie, chocolate bar and all thing sweet….

When Christmas is over, everyone begins to regret all those alcoholic drinks, lemon cheesecake slices, Christmas pudding seconds and thirds and even fourths. Another helping of Mums home made turkey curry? That top button undone and the post Christmas slump in the big armchair begins…

But in the New Year you decide new resolutions, new prospects and the attempt to get rid of the Christmas waistline?

Time to clean the system and remove those toxins, for a fresher start to the year.

Toxins and how to get rid of them

Drinking alcohol and eating starchy, fatty foods can harm your digestive system. An overload of toxins can stop the body working properly, making ones self feel bloated or constipated, or both. We feel sluggish and need some help getting back to normal after the Christmas indulgence. Toxins are acidic and therefore too much of them can imbalance our body’’s PH levels, potentially leading to acidosis which can bring on many different diseases.
So look at fruit and vegetable that will balance this out, celery, cucumber, apples and of course avoiding fizzy drinks.

Why is detoxing so important?

Detoxing can remove waste and toxins within the body, especially dead cells or parasites, leaving your digestive system to do its job properly. It can also replenish your good bacteria (probiotics) and ensure that any bad areas of the digestive system can be restored back to health. Drinking Kombucha is a good way to help.

How to make Kombucha


How to detox

Detoxing is all about what works for you. A good diet and regular exercise is a great way to start. Look at getting a good quality juicer.
Cut out caffiene, alcohol and fizzy drinks. If you’’ve put on a few pounds over the Christmas period, cut down on glutin and heavy’ foods, starch and sugar. If you can, try to cut out dairy for a while too. Look at juicing blueberries and apples and add ginger as this will help with a healthy digestive system.

Here at Passion 4 Juice on 27th december we will be bringing the 3 day detox – Designed by Trish Tucker-May to help with the Christmas Muffin Top, the sluggish feeling, the over indulgence. Bringing nutritional healing to you and your body.