Cold and Cough Remedies

Coughing is one of the most common health problems. When there is a blockage or irritant in your throat or upper air passages, your brain thinks a foreign element is present and tells your body to cough to remove that element. Coughing can also be due to a viral infection, common cold, flu, and smoking or health problems such as asthma, tuberculosis, and lung cancer.

Did you know that there are more than 200 cold viruses floating around and more than 36,000 people a year die of influenza! Your kitchen is full of amazing sources and ways to reduce your cough and cold all at your finger tips. All you need to do is know where to look. Turmaric, ginger, pineapple, garlic, lemon and lime are natures way to help reduce your cough.

Vitamin C is a great way in which you can combact nasties in your immune system. But be aware too much vitamin C can cause digestive issues.

Cough Juice

  • 1/4 Honey Dew Melon
  • 1/8 Watermelon
  • Thumb sized piece of Ginger
  • 2 Tablespoons of Kombucha – [How to make]
  • 1/4 Pineapple
  • Juice and serve

Suffering IBS, weak immune system, low energy, allergies? Grow your own kombucha tea. Using natural fermentation, kombucha tea is fantastic for healing the gut. Healthy gut, healthy immune system!
I have scobys and tea available so you can make your own tea. Why buy it at the health food shop when you can easily make it at home for the price of a tea bag.

Medicine Juice Recipe

  • 1 lemon peeled
  • 1 lime
  • 1 thumb of ginger
  • 1 thumb tumeric [you can find this in a wholefood or world supermarket]
  • Sprinkle of ground black pepper
  • 1500mg vit c powder
  • 1 Tbspn olive leaf extract
  • 50 ml of kombucha
  • 1 Tbspn apple cider vinegar
  • 1 clove organic garlic
  • Blend on high speed for 1 minute

Take as required. You can have it slightly diluted with warm water and a spoonful of honey.

Or drink it straight up

Kombucha Scobys are available for pick up at Pipers Bay for $10 or I can pack and post for $25.

I can teach you how to grow your own easily.

Also ladies if you feel you need a break to focus on your health, we have a detox yoga retreat happening in Stroud 13th-15th march for $400. Included accm, raw food, juices, yoga.

Linseed Tea

How to make linseed tea

Colourful Fruit Salad

  • Orange segments
  • Grapefruit segments
  • Kiwi fruit sliced
  • Finely chopped parsley
  • Toasted almonds, walnuts and pine nuts
  • Drizzle some hemp oil along with a splash of balsamic vinegar
  • Serve with grilled chicken

Apple and Ginger Shot

  • Thumb of ginger
  • Thumb of tumeric
  • 3 green apples
  • teaspoon of organic ginseng powder
  • Juice and drink

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