How to Beat Being Tired All The Time

One of the number one reasons people go to their GP is because they are feeling ‘tired all the time’. Are you feeling tired, bloated, not sleeping well?

Good gardeners know about the importance of sunlight, water and feeding plants well. But what about you? I am coaching a couple of excellent gardeners at the moment. They know how to grow awesome veggies and beautiful plants but need some help when it comes to themselves. You cannot feed your body lots of sugar, tea and bread and expect to be vibrant and blossoming.

The importance of magnesium – it is so vital for every cell function – for good breathing, sleep, immune support, emotional balance, digestion – every function of every cell in our body needs magnesium – and magnesium is very deplete in our soil so we really need It is one of the supplements I do recommend to be taken daily. Magnesium oil and Epsom Salt baths are also excellent for topping up via the skin.

Fresh air, movement, lots of fruit and veg, positive interactions and building up your essential fatty acid profile with good fats, lots of omega 3 (omega 6 is found in so many foods we have an imbalance and need more omega 3), Vit A C D E zinc, magnesium, selenium, chromium are all vital to good brain and good gut health.

Good hydration is also key – just like you feed your garden and it looks amazing – your body needs that too – fresh air, clean water, good nutrients in order to thrive. Caffeine, sugar and nicotine deplete the cells – it is good to understand that they are dehydrating to the body and deplete the body of essential goodness – so putting lots more back in is so important.

If you are suffering with ‘tired all the time’ syndrome, have IBS, feeling low and unmotivated, it is your body whispering to you that you need to put more of the good stuff in. Adequate clean water, good solid sleep, plenty of fresh air, daily gentle movement, joy, and lots of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables is key to feeling energised and well.

Don’t be the gardener who grows amazing cucumbers but doesn’t eat them. Feed your body well and enjoy vibrant, healthy living.

I help people have more energy by using juicing and natural healing techniques to nourish and heal. Food and health can be so confusing, everybody finds it hard to know where to start, that’s where I come in, I educate you to understand food choices so that you can make your own decisions, in effect healing and empowering you which will last a lifetime.

If this is what you are looking for, the best way to contact me is – You can also join the Juice, Nourish, Detox, Heal Facebook Group Here

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