Proven tips guaranteed to reduce your internal stress

Direct from the Nutritional Healing Foundation this week and my lovely tutor Lesley Price, we have some great tips for reducing internal stress. We all suffer from stress to some degree.

Try these tips and please share with all your stressed out friends. TEN (fairly easy) TOP NUTRITIONAL TIPS FOR REDUCING OUR INTERNAL STRESS.

  1. GRADUALLY beginning to increase our intake of plain, still, clean WATER to around four pints/two litres per day.
  2. Getting to the point of drinking one pint/500mls of WATER 30 minutes before our meals.
  3. When we are eating, let’s JUST EAT… rather than eating whilst watching T.V. or on the computer or walking around etc.
  4. Let’s CHEW, CHEW, CHEW (As the wise old Naturopaths used to say…’Drink your solids and chew your liquids!
  5. How about having our evening meal as early as possible? When it goes dark, our bodies naturally prepare for going to sleep…not digesting a meal!
  6. Having a dessertspoon of whole flaxseeds soaked for 12 hours in a mug of water, swallowed whole (without chewing) will aid elimination for any of us with sluggish bowels. Feel free to have this morning AND evening.
  7. Changing from refined foods to WHOLE FOODS ie WHITE to BROWN eg. from white rice to wholegrain brown rice…our bodies will LOVE IT!
  8. Rather than using sugar, let’s reach for raw honey, pure maple syrup or dried fruits (raisins, sultanas, dates etc) soaked in water. Soooo delightfully sweet and perfect for baking, in porridge etc.
  9. Switching from eating margarines & spreads to a little organic butter from grass-fed cows (or if vegan, using nut butters or coconut oil) Banning all hydrogenated fats from our vocabulary!!!
  10. Eating as local, as seasonal and as organic as possible WITHOUT GETTING STRESSED ABOUT IT hahaha xxx

In any cases of heart failure, kidney problems, swelling or ANY cause for concerns, please only begin drinking more water under supervision.

I hope you will agree that these tips are completely DO-ABLE, without huge amounts of effort and without doubt WILL have a hugely positive effect for us all.

And of course, adding fresh pressed juice to your daily routine will have you glowing, energised, hydrated and ready for an exciting day. Check out our recipes on the revealing recipes page. Make sure you connect on social media to find new recipes.

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