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Quick hacks to help you when you are close to burnout

My good mate Bo Kitty at Reality Check reminded me of a few good hacks when it comes to avoiding burnout. I love teaching people about self-care, nourishing habits that fill you with energy.

Here are my top hacks for avoiding burnout.

Daily yoga. Calm your mind while you stretch your body – do your immune system and adrenals a BIG favour and make some time for yourself and your yoga matt.

Get out in nature and go for a walk every day – it gives you time to think!

Reduce your booze and limit it to only really special occasions. You will feel less anxious as a result.

Keep your house stocked with nutritious food. Leafy greens, juices, smoothies, big salads all require a bit of planning.

Roasts and slow cooked meals are quick, easy and great for leftovers.

Chia puddings are awesome for boosting energy.

Timeout at least one day a week – weekends are for family, fresh air and exercise.

Five-minute meditations will keep you sane on the busiest days.

Touch it once – deal with bills as soon as they come in and paperwork – touch it and deal with it then. Block some time to do similar jobs together like paying bills and making phone calls.

If this is useful I also have a Facebook group called Juice, Nourish, Detox, Heal that will help guide you to ditching bad habits and making time for nourishing self-care rituals.

If you are frazzled, tired all the time and need some help overcoming bad habits? Join us here in this group for life-changing tips! Easy, affordable and quick changes to your lifestyle can make a massive difference to your health.