Trish’s top 10 practical health tips

Listen to your body it has your best interests at heart!

Your body wants to heal and be healthy. It whispers a long time before it starts to shout. Whispers are things like not sleeping well. Being constipated, feeling tired all the time, swollen fingers, puffy eyes, brain fog, feeling irritable, sore back, aching joints, bloated stomach, headaches, migraines, sore knees, constriction of your throat, constant cough after eating, throat irritation, menopausal symptoms – the list goes on. You want to do something about these whispers before the body starts to shout.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. The body is 75% water, all the organs and systems run on water, without sufficient water the body gets stressed. That means water, freshly pressed vegetable or fruit juices and herbal teas NOT tea, coffee, green tea, fizzy drinks, concentrated fruit juice or alcohol – they dehydrate and create stress.

Make time for juices and smoothies – if you own a juicer it needs to be kept our on your bench near the fruit bowl – not at the back of the cupboard. It will be one more excuse not to use it.

Get enough sleep – that means going to bed early enough to enjoy a long restful sleep – staying on a screen til the late hours will disrupt your hormones and create stress. Situs Pembanding Harga The human body is designed to go to sleep at 9pm and wake at 5am. It’s only with the advent of electricity and television that we’ve altered our lifestyle and chosen to go to bed later. Sleep is vital to keeping the body in a healthful, balanced state. These functions take place between 9pm and midnight and if you regularly miss that sleep cycle your body is physiologically stressed and will become exhausted.

Exercise – I like to fit in exercise as part of doing something else – carrying lots of fruit and working outdoors is a natural part of my job. I like walking the kids to school or riding to work. Exercise just for the sake of it can seem boring especially if you are new to it. It doesn’t need to be formal, overactive or competitive, a daily walk of half an hour is sufficient. If you are doing as part of another daily routine activity then it is a bonus and can easily become a habit – plus if you decide to walk or ride to work you wont get half way there and think ‘Oh I cant be bothered’ – you have to get there.

Find healthy alternatives to your favourite foods. If you have a sweet tooth, try to make healthy sugar free alternatives. Bliss balls are so easy to make and are a good go to for healthy snacks for the whiole family. You can watch how easy they are to make here or

Have fun in the kitchen and make some mess. So many people are too scared to try new recipes, dishes or equipment. If you are unsure take a short course, watch on youtube and get your family involved. My kids love looking through recipes books for weekly meal plans and setting a challenge. Make it fun and interactive.

One of the best time saving tips for busy people is to batch make juices, smoothies and even vegetable prep. Choose 1 day a week where you will chop, prep, juice, blend and freeze. Being healthy and making healthy choices is about being prepared and not getting caught out when you are tired and hungry.

Try and add more raw to your diet – have a look at your plate and ask – what is raw? A little bit of salad on the plate or a freshly made juice with each meal can add another 5 servings of living food to your diet. Situs Freelancer Indonesia It also means you will be getting more enzymes – they are catalysts for digestion and if they are present in the food you are eating your body won’t have to make them. You will feel more energised. Eating cooked food all the time makes your food harder to digest and can leave you feeling tired and depleted.

Do what you love and love what you do. Life is far too short to be dissatisfied. Work out what your passion is and JFDI! It will give you energy, inspiration and leaving you feeling happy and grateful to be alive.

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