Women’s 1 day workshop  


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Together we will share ceremonial grade theabromine cacao within a nutritious concoction of plant medicines all supporting the release of endorphins & happy hormones. Welcoming us to drop into the heart space & opening it up for the day ahead.


Commencing with a grounding guided meditation & relaxation, allowing you to settle into the body, whilst you fully drop into the day & connect with the power of the breath. Movement will begin gently, taking us through a long awakening warm-up, opening the body softly.

The practice will be a flow of nourishing, energizing movement, woven together with positive affirmations, guided meditations, beautiful visualisations & mudras. Full of juicy spiralling & rhythmic motion that will welcome & invite a creative & playful exploration of expression, connecting people to their inner rhythm & fluidity. Wonderful practices for supporting women’s wellness & hormones.


Feel invigorated, nurtured & motivated. The way Trish talks & shares is inspirational & energizing. She shares simple & clear tips & tools that provide valuable insights & lessons on learning how to listen to your body & reclaim your energy. The nutrition pointers shared will assist the body to feel lighter & clearer, assisting to reduce imbalances & inflammation, release brain fog, manage anxiety & stress better & improve stamina.
~ A coming home to our bodies, may we feed them with love!
Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food ~ Hippocrates.


Menarche ~ When a woman steps into her power. Menstrual years ~ when a woman practises her power. Peri & Menopause ~ When a Woman Becomes her Power.
Jo will guide us through a fascinating talk, exploring, reframing & befriending us with all aspects of womanhood & the different stages & rites of passage we all go through. Whatever your experiences, Jo offers practical, creative & holistic tools for navigating the physical, psychological & spiritual journey of what ultimately defines what it is to be & live as a woman.
This circle journey is sensitively led by an experienced facilitator & as viewed through the lens of the four seasons.


Awaken the heart womb river within, as we journey into our womb spaces ~ Life’s source & portal for creativity.
A sharing of words & movement, qui gong, massage & beyond, all aiming to welcome vital life force into our bodies, nourishing all aspects of our being & releasing blockages or any stagnation within this sacred area.
On to a yoga Nidra, journeying through the body & mind, with words & awareness as your ship to explore the rivers & seas of energy & love that lie within.
Nesting & resting ~ Settling into a cosy cocoon ready to receive the gift of Linda’s sound journey.


Linda will introduce frequencies & vibrations to the space around us. Creating a mystical sound journey ~ a beautiful gentle & non invasive practice that bathes the body & mind with oscillating waves of sound. The sounds will slowly build up, in layers all around. The frequencies of the ancient gongs effecting us on a molecular level, likely to leave you in a serene, deeply relaxed state, as they share a feeling of timelessness.
Nothing to do but be. Creating a space of stillness within. Grounding you in to your being.
She will also share a period of shunyata ~ silence at the end of the Sound Bath. During this time you will be held safely in the tranquillity of the gong-space, allowing time to assimilate the energy & healing created by the gongs & sounds. This journey will gift our bodies time & space for the days experiences to be fully absorbed before we land back into reality gently.
Instruments include an amazing gong collection, an array of 7 metal & crystal singing bowls, chimes, sansula, rainstick, tibetan bell & ocean drum.
Future Medicine Will Be the Medicine of Frequencies ~ Einstein.

Suitable for all women, new or accustomed to yoga as everything shared is aimed to nourish & nurture us to the max.
Everything we share is simply an invitation & guidance & we welcome you to do whatever feels right for you.

Soup & buffet lunch included.
Teas, healthy nibbles & tasty treats provided throughout the day.

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