Trish is one of the most wholehearted and genuine health practitioners I know.

She cares deeply about people’s health and needs.”

“When you meet Trish you can’t help but get inspired by her vast, broad and practical knowledge about health and nutrition. So many ideas, so many practical solutions!”

Amanda with Autoimmune

“I have been receiving guidance from Trish for some weeks now and deeply appreciate her influence and the abundance of information she has shared with me. I have been struggling with symptoms of an autoimmune disorder for years (though it was only diagnosed as that last year); and feel like I’ve been so long in the dark trying to find the answer. Finally I am working with someone who is providing some vital pieces of the jigsaw and am witnessing improvements in sleep patterns, energy availability, reduced pain/inflammation and brain fog. On top of the autoimmune condition I am now menopausal but I feel that with Trish’s input I don’t need to fear the associated symptoms becoming overwhelming or debilitating. In fact, I simply feel that I am moving through an initiation and there is every possibility of my body discovering it’s most optimal health as I learn how to listen more deeply and respond more appropriately by choosing the best nutritional support for me. Thank you Trish for providing so many great pointers and helping me stay motivated and on track.”

Robyn with unhealthy habits

“My main goal when starting the program was to
address my unhealthy eating habits and discover new habits that would stay with me in the long term.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I  now feel equipped to look after my own health through eating the right foods, detoxes, cleansing techniques and positive affirmations. But I also know that I have ongoing support if I need anything.

I thought the programme was absolutely brilliant; really well structured, with each step building on the one before. I loved our weekly check ins which helped me stay on track through the program. And I appreciated the breadth of your wellness and nutrition knowledge but I wasn’t expecting the amount of personal coaching and motivational elements that were part of the programme as well. I felt utterly supported throughout the journey.

Trish cares deeply and will bend over backwards to help you reach your goals. She is inspiring, knowledgeable and passionate which is hugely motivational.”

Alex with anxiety

“I was beginning to feel like I was slipping into some seriously bad health. I’ve been suffering terribly with anxiety, low mood, low energy, brain fog, multiple UTI infections for a very long time.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been a dramatic change in my anxiety levels. It’s been way out of control but I’m starting to feel like I’m able to get a handle on it now. I was constantly adrenalized, worrying to the point of tears most days. It was all consuming but I’ve felt a huge shift & a weight being lifted.

I loved your positivity & excitement about how food can heal that really shines through. I loved all the information you shared with us & how it was organised into weekly folders in the Dropbox. So much to read up on & it was presented in a really accessible & clear way.

There are so many positives that have come out of this 8 week program. I’ve never done anything like this before so wasn’t sure how I would handle it but I’m so proud of how I’ve taken to it. Totally surprised myself at how disciplined & organised I’ve been! Made some lovely changes, like shopping at a local farm shop, that’ll be my new routine from now on. I stopped drinking & don’t feel the urge to start again (which is huge for me). I’ve started fermenting which I absolutely love & want to learn more about. I’ve equipped the kitchen with new tools – crockpot, spiralizer etc – & went through all the cupboards & have totally switched into a different mode now.

My partner has really loved the new meals I’ve been cooking too. There are so many more positive things to mention! Oil pulling/dry brushing/epsom salt baths/golden milk/bone broth/castor oil packing are all new things I’ve started incorporating into my day to day. “

Damaris, with desire for lasting change!

“If you want to make lasting changes to your life, have more joy, higher energy levels and vibrant health then just turn to Trish Tucker-May. Working with Trish takes you to understand self-care on a brand-new level. She gives you all the tools you need and then more. I first met Trish on a one-day workshop and came away with Trish’s advice to make a batch of juices for the week and store them in jars. Simple and inspiring. Then I joined her ‘beat the belly bloat’ 4-day challenge and saw she specialised in women over 40.

I had been low on energy for a long time following a family crisis and had been sluggish and low, in spite of eating a pretty healthy diet and I am over 50. Next, I did 3 weeks before Christmas on her elimination diet and I shifted weight, improved my mindset and my energy was high again! So, after a short break, I embarked on a further 8 weeks of even more gut cleansing techniques and food ideas, which has now just finished and SO worth it.
Trish is with you every step of the way, cheering you on at the side-lines, tailor making things for just you and giving you group support as well.

The simple and profound changes she taught me, to my delight, stay right with me and of course I have copious notes to keep reading.

I know now how to re set myself when I have gone off track, so all my choices are well informed now, I have learnt a wealth of information from Trish’s immense knowledge.

I completely believe from my own experience that it’s all in the gut, where our brain truly is and where the key to good health lies!

This has been an amazing and holistic journey, including making a vision board, doing regular provided meditations, daily self-care regimes, to keep as part of my habit life now and back to good health, skin glowing, energy rising, clarity of mind and boom! I feel so much better and the future looks brighter and healthier than ever! All thanks to Trish.”

“Yes, Trish – THANK YOU! I LOVED everything about you being at my event…YOU are an awesome woman and I love and respect you and your knowledge and your story and your lifestyle and all that you represent in so many ways, I think you were the perfect complement to my message and I would LOVE you to provide catering at EVERY future event!”

“I LOVED everything about the weekend…your smile, company, food, juices, support…everything! THANK YOU for all your support and help – I loved this retreat and everything about the weekend was brilliant.”
Hannah, Ross on Wye Retreat, UK 2017

“I love your book. Not 100% committed to juicing but trying to juice at least once a day every day. Your book has really help convert my hubby, which has made it worth every penny.”
Helen, 37, UK

“Trish Tucker-May With a spring in her step, Trish is a lady with many strings to her bow. Her knowledge of nutrition, vegetarian cooking, juicing, supplements and essential oils is forever growing. Her work life is dedicated to encouraging others to look at their health through the power of food, showing how vitamin and mineral packed foods can change your whole wellbeing. Her passion to share with others, teach and nurture is inspiring. Full of encouragement Trish Tucker-May is a force of nature.”
Abbie, Stroud, 40 years old

“Hi Trish, I came to you juicing workshop at the Priory & have made lasting changes to my diet to very good effect. I’m now vegetarian, juice most days & drinking lots more water. What you helped me realise was that I’d handed over control of my food intake to ‘another’. Whilst ‘being fed’ helped me feel loved & cherished on one level, I also “had to eat what I was given” replaying childhood scenarios on a much deeper level (which wasn’t always helpful!).

A big thank you to you both for planting the seed to better health.
– Carol

“Whenever she offers workshops in our studio we are sure to cater for many participants because of her popularity. Her 4 day cleanse program has been life changing to me and to many of our yoga students who have tried it.”
Mia Owner and Manager Forster Yoga Studio

“My life has been changed by the elimination protocol and coaching with Trish. She is very knowledgeable, and her ideas are practical. I have been able to make lasting changes in my life and this has helped me and my family. I am very grateful for her support.”
Karen, Aged 43, NSW, Australia

“I run 1-day health seminars and weekend health retreats for MotherNaturesDiet and I have the honour and pleasure of having Trish Tucker from Passion4Juice provide all our refreshments and lunch at all my events. Trish is AMAZING with a capital everything. The food and juices she prepares for my delegates are just incredible, wonderfully nutritious and delicious, and my guests love what she brings to the day…everyone raves about the food and having Trish as a part of my events adds massive value to my guests and to the whole event. Trish is a wealth of knowledge, she is an absolute genius to work with, she is incredibly hard working, intelligent, professional and totally switched on, she seems to be able to read my mind and no matter where I randomly throw in an unexpected comfort break, with barely a moment’s notice Trish instantly has refreshments ready and my guests are never left wanting. With her 32-years of knowledge and experience, her boundless energy and ever-beaming smile, I couldn’t think of a better partner for catering to all my health events now and in the future. Much love!”
Karl Whitfield, Mother Natures Diet

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